Grace and Green Period Cup Size A Rosewater Pink
Grace and Green Period Cup Size A Rosewater Pink
Grace and Green Period Cup Size A Rosewater Pink
BHD 17.600

Care for your period and planet with Grace & Green’s sustainable alternative to traditional tampons and pads by using medical-grade period cups that are natural, vegan, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Superior Protection
Grace and Green's period cups offer superior leak-free protection and stress-free performance up to 12 hours long with the capacity of multiple tampons (21 ml). Can be worn day and night during every activity.

Thoughtful Design
The period cup in size A in beautiful soft Rosewater Pink is ideal for those with a normal to light flow as well as beginner cup users that have not given birth vaginally. 

The Grace & Green Period Cups are made with 100% Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Silicone with a silky smooth finish (the softest you have felt, promise!), an easy to hold node for incredibly comfortable wear, easy to use and gentle for your special area. Perfect for women with sensitive skin or with susceptible to dryness.

Fit your Period Cub comfortably inside the vaginal canal and it will stay perfectly in place due to a suctioning seal! 

Environmental Friendly
Save money, make your period feel easier and lower your footprint. The Medical Grade Period Cups from Grace & Green lasts over 10 years!

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